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If after 15-20 minutes blood sugar has not increased, and the condition remains unsatisfactory, you should again take 15-20 grams of simple carbohydrate. A person's condition improves within an hour after taking light carbohydrates, i.e. do not expect instant relief after taking zanaflex pill. Quickly give a person 12-15-20 grams of easily digestible carbohydrate. After 20 minutes, a person should eat another 15-20 grams of complex carbohydrate (bread, cracker cookies, bread, porridge).

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If a person is very disinhibited, can swallow, but is no longer able to buy tizanidine online, glucose should be given in the form of a solution, dissolving the required number of tablets in a small amount of water. Or just offer sweet water. Glucose is sold abroad in a gel stateii, which can be used to lubricate the oral cavity, where sugar quickly begins to be absorbed into the blood. If a person is unconscious or his mind is confused, oral intake of liquids and other products is excluded! An ambulance should be called.

First aid consists of an intramuscular injection of 1 ml of glucagon - express kits with 1 syringe and the drug are sold in pharmacies. In a hospital, the treatment of hypoglycemia is carried out by intravenous administration of glucose 40%. If the condition does not stop, resort to subcutaneous injection of adrenaline and other resuscitation measures. Frequent attacks of the condition can provoke angiopathy of the vessels of the legs and eyes, increase the risk of developing diseases of the heart, blood vessels and brain. The death of a person who has fallen into a hypoglycemic coma occurs due to the death of tizanidine cells that feed on glucose.

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  • This is an extreme case, but quite real, if the person is not helped in time. Hypoglycemia - description, causes, symptoms (signs), diagnosis, treatment. The clinical picture is determined by the feeling of hunger in combination with neurological and adrenergic symptoms. Pregnancy often causes transient hypoglycemia.
  • Influence of drugs. Sulfonylurea stimulates the production of endogenous insulin and C-peptide, therefore, to exclude artificial hypoglycemia, a blood or urine test is performed for sulfonylurea preparations.
  • Differential diagnosis. Psychogenic hypoglycemia, or pseudohypoglycemia. Many patients (most often women aged 20вЂ�45 years) are diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, however, a similar set of symptoms is usually associated with severe overwork or vegetative-vascular dysfunction (stress also plays a significant role in the genesis of zanaflex pills).
  • Such patients are difficult to treat. Consultation of the doctor - the psychotherapist is desirable. Hypoglycemia is a pathological condition associated with an abnormally low level of glucose in the blood. People suffering from diabetes mellitus, severe diseases of the liver and pancreas, malfunctions of the digestive tract, dysfunctions of the endocrine glands (adrenal cortex, pituitary gland, etc.), some infectious diseases (encephalitis, meningitis) may experience attacks of hypoglycemia.
  • At risk are also people who use too actively low-carbohydrate diets, which are now very popular with losing weight. Let's get acquainted with those signs of hypoglycemia, which in no case can not be ignored.
  • With a mild form of hypoglycemia, the feeling of hunger, as a rule, occurs suddenly. This is the reaction of the corresponding brain center to a low concentration of glucose in the blood. Sudden hunger often occurs in diabetics on the background of physical exertion, eating disorders or incorrect use of hypoglycemic drugs. Hunger may be accompanied by nausea.

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In healthy people on a low-carbohydrate diet, unexpected hunger also appears due to the rejection of foods rich in fiber (vegetables, fruits, cereals). It is they who, getting into the stomach, create a long-lasting feeling of satiety. With a complete rejection of carbohydrates, a person can be hungry all the time, even immediately after eating.

A significant drop in blood glucose usually results in a drop in blood pressure. The result is a headache, often accompanied by dizziness. Sometimes there are short-term speech disturbances and visual effects (for example, a split image or color spots before the eyes).

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